The Medicine Man Spiral note book

Your the Medicine Man.  Document your growing experience with this 118 page spiral notebook with ruled line paper, a perfect place to document your journey in the Cannabis Culture.  If your growing cannabis, this is your daily grow journal!  Make notes on your indoor grow setup.  Grow tent, nutrients, grow lights, days in Veg, days in flower, differences in quality and grow yields.
Jot down comments from patients, make a diary of dosing for each patient. What are their needs?  When did they start a program.  How are they feeling what is there dosing.
It is an everyday every-man product.  Sure, you can keep notes on your phone, but there is something about hand writing a journal that brings things to life and keeps them alive.  You can't accidentally delete it!  We've all done it!  The 6 X 8 inch book fits easily in you backpack or Cargo Pants pocket.  

Spiral Notebook
Width, in
Length, in
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.: Front cover print
.: 118 ruled line single pages
.: Black back cover

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