It starts in the Garden Tote

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Everyone agrees that "It all starts in the Garden!"   Any Cannabis Extraction Specialist will tell you that fact.   Good shatter, starts in the Garden.  Great CBD Oils start in the garden.

You can't expect great cannabis extractions from mediocre flower.   Any tincture of any quality has to have good product to begin with.   Especially in with solvent-less extraction techniques, the quality of the product is the key to good medicine.   

All types of concentrates have different values, potency, terpene profiles and effects.  To make consistent quality extraction products, you need consistent quality up front!

.: 100% Polyester
.: Boxed corners
.: Black cotton handles
.: Black lining

It starts in the garden, quality starts in the garden, better extraction with better quality to begin with
It starts in the Garden Tote

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