Docent of Dosing Mug 11oz

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Docent:  A person who shares a wealth of knowledge about a product or place.  Docent of Dosing, a person who knows the procedure for medical cannabis dosing.  That's you!! It is still one of the most researched and talked about areas of the Medical Cannabis Industry.  What is the correct dose?  As a Cannabis Professional you have been trained answering that question, and it is a serious question.  New patients ask it all the time. What is the right dose, and what is the right delivery system?  Edibles, Topicals Flower? You may use an edible dosage calculator, or other measuring tool.  The patient is the best research assistant we have.   They count on you to share your experience with them to get them on the road to better health.

Your personal commitment to the industry has impact on the whole industry.  What you learn, we learn, what you share we share with others.    

.: White ceramic
.: 11 oz (0.33 l)
.: Rounded corners
.: C-Handle

Docent of Dosing, THC mg dosage chart, know your medical dosing recommendations
Docent of Dosing Mug 11oz
Docent of Dosing Mug 11oz

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