Know your Grow Mug 11oz

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It looks like an every day mug, but it is not!  "Know your Grow"!  Knowledge is the key!  The more you know about this great medicine, the more you can share with others.  How many Cannabis strains are there?  Thousands.  It is up to you as a Recreational Cannabis user, and an industry professional to know what you are recommending to patients and Know the Grow, what is the Cannabis Strain Lineage. 

Is there a weed strain library?  Where does the patient go?   They go to you!   Your know the difference in the strains you recommend.  There are thousands of weed strains.  What are the some of the original Ruderalis Strains.  Why are some strains called Kush Strains.  Where do strains originate?   

Your patients need that information.  Your knowledge can mean the difference between an great cannabis experience or a mediocre event.  

.: White ceramic.

: 11 oz (0.33 l)

.: Rounded corners
.: C-Handle

Know your Grow Mug, strain finder, og strains, list of strains, leafy
Know your Grow Mug 11oz
Know your Grow Mug 11oz

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